I want to try the Journey Method

Naveen wants to try the Journey Method

I want to learn how this journey method works … I just want to try


Thanks for your submission, Naveen.

There’s really not much I can say about this. You say you want to learn about using the Journey Method – then take a look at the page on the technique. It’s a very straightforward method. There’s really nothing obscure about it. But I’ll try to explain a little further.

All memory is basically association – we memorise a thing simply by associating, or linking, it to something that we already know. The Journey Method is a very simple and yet really useful memory technique because it allows us to link lots of things in an organised way, and very easily.

You start by creating a journey. It can be a real one, one that you’re familiar with already, or you can make one up in your imagination. The most often used journey is the House Journey, where a person just uses a trip round their own house, in a set route, as the journey. Since you know your own house really well, you’ve already got a good start. And if you want a longer journey, giving you lots more scope to memorise things, then extend the journey, which again is quite easily done.

If you want to create something different, use a journey into your local town, again a trip you’re already familiar with. Set specific points to be your ‘stops’ along the way, and use them to place the things you aim to memorise.

There’s nothing stopping you creating a totally imaginary journey, as long as you have it clear in your mind, and it can be based on something like the school you attended or even something that never existed in reality, like the school Harry Potter attended. It’s entirely up to you. All that matters is that you have it clearly set out in your mind and, preferably, on paper. Make a record of it so that you can refer to it to refresh your memory. This can be particularly heipful if you create several memory journeys and you need to be careful not to get them confused.

I hope this clarifies it, Naveen. Let me know if you create a useful journey and use it successfully. And don’t worry about needing to know more. It really is a simple procedure. Have fun with it!

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