Real Memory Improvement

Let's be honest, you don't just want to improve your memory, you want to see real memory improvement, right? You want to see the kind of progress that's almost shocking, even to yourself, yeah? And if you're like most people, you've probably wanted to improve your memory for years, but never really got to grips with it (hey, maybe you just forgot to follow it through!). Well, the time has come to make some real progress, to finally take control of a properly trained memory. The time has come to get hands-on with the real nuts and bolts of memory improvement.

Effective memory techniques

Frustration caused by a poor memory

Result of a disorganised
memory - frustration and chaos!

You'll find a whole load of memory improvement techniques on this site, some of them fairly straightforward, some a bit more elaborate. But hey, you didn't think it would all be a cakewalk, did you? If you want to see real memory improvement you have to make some fundamental changes to the way you think and the way you approach the whole field of memory training. 

You won't be leaving anything to chance from now on. As I said, you'll find some easy methods here, but don't be fooled into thinking that they're not really effective. The simpler the technique, the more likely you are to actually make use of it, right? So make a point of reviewing any and all methods, no matter how simple they seem, and, even more important, start to put them to use on a daily basis. Only when you learn some really effective memory techniques and actually use them in your normal daily routine will you see the benefits of a properly trained memory.


The benefits of a trained memory

Result of improving your memory - zen-like bliss!

Result of improving
your memory ...
aaah, zen-like bliss!

And what are the benefits of a trained memory? Well, for a start, you'll have instant access to all the day-to-day stuff that you struggle to remember right now. You know the kind of thing - phone numbers, addresses, passwords, bank details, etc, etc. And you'll find that, instead of the usual stumbling, mumbling mess you make of remembering people's names (go on, admit it!), you'll have a working memory technique that leads you through that particular social minefield. 

Remembering names ... aaaarrgghhhh!!

man with a headache

My head hurts ... trying
to remember names ...

Believe me, I know how hard it is to deal with names. I have a condition that has severely affected my memory (particularly regarding names) and my ability to concentrate and focus my mind on a problem. Which, incidentally, is both why I created this website, and why it has taken me such a long, long time to get it off the ground. 

The hosting company I use, SiteSell, is off-the-scale when it comes to providing all the materials and help you need to create a decent working website, but in my case even that never seemed to be quite enough - I struggled anyway, due to my medical condition. For me, it really has been a long and winding road, but at last I'm getting there. And in the process, I'm developing a properly trained memory, along the same lines that I'm outlining on this site.


You need to improve your memory

If you're studying (school, college, university, whatever) you'll find that real memory improvement will give you the edge you need. Why struggle to understand complex subjects, only to lose out as a result of a poor memory? If you're putting in the effort to study anyway, why not improve your memory as well? And bear in mind, the simple fact is ... it's not what you've learned that counts, it's what you can remember.

The benefits gained will massively outweigh the time and effort you put in, and will be measurable in terms of exam passes, certificates, honours, etc. And the benefits will stay with you for life!

And if you're  in a work environment, you need to improve your memory just the same. In fact, many jobs and careers depend on you functioning at a high level of competence all the time, and reliably, so it might be more than just a certificate at stake. Lives could depend on your well trained memory. Start to improve your memory now and see the benefits immediately.

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Memory improvement can be fun!

Using the memory techniqes on this site you can learn to commit things to memory effortlessly, and with a silly grin on your face. Because a key part of using your memory properly and effectively is to develop and use your imagination. And a lively imagination will inevitably give rise to humour, and the wackier the better. If you see things in your mind that make you grin you can bet you'll find them easier to remember.


Get busy and watch the magic happen!

So don't waste any more time - start looking through some of the skills and memory techniques that you can use to create real memory improvement.  The benefits of a properly trained memory aren't just measured in terms of committing lists of data to memory, but in developing your imagination and your creativity, and learning to make fuller use of your wider mental capabilities.

Check out these pages:

Take a look at what the Memory Masters can achieve. But keep in mind that they are exceptional - don't let their amazing success put you off, as though it's something you couldn't possibly emulate. You too can achieve great things with your memory, it's not unattainable. Yes, some of them were born exceptional, but most were just like you and me - they drastically improved their memory by using reliable memory systems.

Check out the Major System, a fascinating memory system that's been around for generations.

See how the 100 List can change the way you memorise things. It's an incredibly useful system that only requires you to attach individual characters to all the two-digit numbers from 00 to 99.

On a more basic level, learn how the Link method works. It's quick and easy, but very effective!

And learn how to make better use of Mnemonics, one of the simplest memory devices known, and one which you almost certainly use already.

For a run-down of many of the main methods of improving your memory, see Memory Techniques.



There are lots of good reasons for losing yourself in a puzzle of one sort or another


  • it's entertaining
  • it's challenging
  • it widens your vocabulary
  • it tests your memory
  • it exercises your brain
  • it keeps you sharp
  • but most of all it's fun!


Plenty more puzzles and brain teasers to keep you occupied! And at the same time, keep you sharp.






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