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Limitless, the movie

Limitless movie poster

Everything is possible … when you realise you really are limitless!

I’ve just watched Limitless, a 2011 movie I’d already seen some time ago, but when the opportunity arose I was eager to watch it again. It’s a great movie and it presents an intriguing situation – how you might deal with the possibility of using all of your brain’s immense capacity … I mean 100% of it! I’m sure it’s a situation we’d all love to have to face, and it gives the screenwriter huge scope to create a fascinating movie. And that’s exactly what it is, a really fascinating movie, in every respect.

The main character, played by Bradley Cooper, is given a new drug, NZT-48 (just a freebie), and it expands his consciousness considerably, and almost immediately. He’s suddenly able to see things in his environment, things that were all around but were ‘hiding in plain sight’, and recognise their relevance to his current situation. It changes his life, totally. Of course, he needs more NZT!

The Limitless movie drug

He goes from being an average guy, a motivationless slob actually, to finishing his barely-started novel in just a few days – and it’s wildly successful. He quickly realises it’s not where the real money is, and gets to work on the stock market. Again, he’s incredibly successful. As he is, suddenly, with women. He ‘reads’ people, and situations, in seconds, and recalls the details of books he’s only glanced at years ago. Suddenly he has access to enormous amounts of information on a fantastically wide range of subjects. He literally can’t go wrong! He goes from one startling success to another, but, being a movie, things don’t always go to plan. Don’t worry, I won’t say any more about the plot in case I ruin it for you.

It’s all fiction, of course. The Limitless movie drug doesn’t exist (not quite yet anyway!). But it’s a great concept for an action thriller. It’s one of the great ‘what-if’s’ … what if you could suddenly become everything you’ve ever wanted to become … what if you could achieve everything you’ve ever dreamed of achieving … what it you had immediate access to everything you’ve ever read, ever seen, ever heard about … what if your memory was absolutely dependable, and crammed with everything you’d ever encountered, even if only peripherally, and even if only for a moment. It’s a fascinating thought, and one we’ve all had, I’m sure. But we can’t have that total command of our brain; it just isn’t possible. That shouldn’t stop us, though, from doing everything we can to make the most of what we’ve got.

Limitless mind

The Limitless movie drug

A little clear pill is the key to limitless living … at least, in the movie!

We need to realise each of us is literally limitless. Difficult, I know, since we’re all so used to failing in various ways, again and again, and being ‘only human’, but it’s true, we ARE limitless. Just like the way the Limitless movie drug affected the main character. Once he took it, his brain started to operate at a much higher level. As the character who gives him the little clear pill says,“You know the way we normally only use about twenty percent of our brain … well, this thing lets us use all of it!”

The drug doesn’t exist, of course, and I’m not saying it does. What I’m saying is we have, within ourselves, everything we need. We can’t access most of our memories, and we can’t make the most efficient use of our brains, but it’s all there, just as every chemical we’ll ever need to cure any ailment is within our bodies, or within the wisdom and scope of our bodies to synthesise.

Nature did not create us to be inferior. Nature didn’t make us weak and unresourceful. It made us incredibly inventive. It gave us the resources to become the dominant species on the planet. We live, successfully, on every continent, and in all climates. We survive and adapt better than any other species, in every possible situation. And still we haven’t even scratched the surface of what we can do. We are truly limitless!

We can unleash limitless potential

Keep this is mind, specially when you feel inferior or inadequate in any situation (and one way of doing it, of course, is by the use of affirmations, another is to work on changing your self image). Maybe you’re going through a difficult relationship, or having problems at work. Maybe you’re struggling with your studies, or stuck in a dead-end job. Maybe you’re lettingpanic attacks or OCD control your life. Whatever your situation, sit down occasionally and think about this: you are exceptional … you are potentially limitless … your brain is basically the same as everybody else’s, even those with astonishingly high IQs. You’ve already got what it takes.

It’s a bit like saying we’re all driving the sleekest, most powerful cars ever designed, but most of us have either not yet worked out how to drive the car properly, or perhaps even mislaid the keys altogether so we can’t get the damn thing started! And yet we’ve all got the same cars! All we need to do is calm down and have faith. We need to trust in our own innate wisdom, and allow ourselves to tap into our own unbounded mind. Limitless living is within the reach of each and every one of us!

Limitless potential to be happy

When you see a statue of Buddha, sitting in peaceful repose, do you think of him as superior to you? He’s not! We’ve all got the same possibilities within us. We can all be peaceful … and confident … and resourceful … and creative … and happy. Yes, we can all be happy. That, in the end, is what we all want, right? When you come right down to it, that’s what we’re all seeking. And we can have it.

Each one of us has limitless potential and limitless possibilities, if only we would realise it!

Each one of us has limitless potential and limitless possibilities, if only we would realise it (and we don’t need the Clear Pill)!

Just decide to BE HAPPY right now. It’s not dependent on anything. You don’t have to be rich to be happy, you don’t have to have a sparkling career to be happy, you don’t have to work hard and be incredibly productive for decades to finally be happy. All you need to do is to make the decision. You can complicate it all you like (and most of us do, of course, most of the time), but all you have to do is make the decision to be happy. That’s it!

Once you do that, everything else slots into place. You’re fast-tracking yourself to the end-point, and working backwards. You want this, so you can be happy … you want to do that, so you’ll be happy … you want to travel to this place, so you’ll be happy … etc, etc. Man, just cut to the chase … BE HAPPY NOW!

Once you make that decision, you will find that you automatically do the things you want to do, without struggle (or without as much struggle). You will find it a joy to do whatever you need to do in order to achieve what you want. You will suddenly find that doors open for you, barriers come down, obstacles disintegrate, and fortuitous meetings happen as if by magic. And all the fabulous circumstances that work in your favour appear in your life just as easily.

Change your life … now!

Buddha (statue)You want to change your life? Then realise, once and for all, that you are limitless. No, you don’t have access to the Limitless movie drug. But you already have all you need to achieve all you want in life.

Decide, right now, that you will be happy and content. Don’t try to force the Universe to bend to your will, just allow yourself to get in the flow of life, with a feeling of peace and contentment, and complete trust that things will turn out right. Once you make these simple changes in your thought patterns, life will start to become so much easier, almost effortless, and so much more of what it was meant to be.


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