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Do you have something to say, something that might interest other visitors to this site? Have you struggled with memory problems? How has it affected you, and impacted on your life? Or has this site helped you to radically change the state of your memory? Maybe your improved memory has helped you move forward in your career, or in your studies.

Memory improvement can engender a new-found self-confidence, and help propel you towards your goals. If RMI, and the memory improvement techniques it outlines, has helped you, don’t keep it to yourself. Let the world (and all those prospective employers out there) know about it!Feel free to share your experiences with the rest of us. Just write your page and send it in. If you like, I can help tidy it up, you don’t need to worry about spelling or grammar, details like that can always be fixed, and they’re not important – what you have to say is the important thing.

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