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You use software anyway … so make it useful software!

useful software is very often free!It’s always good to get some interesting and useful software programs, so I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite useful software. Many of them are freeware, which is an added bonus. In fact, many of them are open source software, which means that the code is editable by competent, interested parties, so it’s often of a very high quality. And a lot of them are shareware – that’s software that’s freely available, but sometimes with some restrictions in its use. The user can decide to pay for it once a trial period is over.

 Being expensive, or even paid-for, doesn’t guarantee quality, and in my experience many of the best programs are indeed free. And getting quality useful software that is actually dependable when it comes to doing what it’s supposed to do can sometimes be a hit-and-miss affair, even if you’re paying good money for it, so a few well considered recommendations can be very welcome.

useful software - essential for your success

Having useful software installed and ready to go is just one more way to be well organised. And the better you’re organised, the more efficient you can be. And the easier it is to focus your efforts on improving your memory, or whatever it is you need to do. You really don’t want to be struggling endlessly, trying to find software that works, and works dependably and reliably. And having a collection of good programs is like having a well stocked toolbox – you’re well prepared and ready to take on any job that arises!

Useful software  can add security to your system

useful software can provide securityAmongst the software sections, security software is first and foremost, and for good reason – without good security, everything else is at risk. You absolutely need to safeguard your system and your data. It might not be a very ‘sexy’ subject, but it has to be addressed, and if you’re putting off checking the level of your security, or upgrading it, then that omission means you’re taking an unnecessary risk. Security software is very useful software! In fact, it’s vital (but you knew that, right?).

Office Suites and Organisers

Then there are office suites and organisers. Everyone uses some form of office software, even if the main focus of their computer use is game-playing, or social networking. Everyone, at some time, has the need to make notes, or keep records, or create pages of some sort of information. So, at some stage, we all need to step into the office! And if we’re going to do that, it’s as well to have some suitable software to make it a tidy, efficient office, and one that’s a pleasure to work in.

office suites, good example of useful software

Organisers take it a step further. Instead of just letting us organise our notes and documents, organisers gather together a lot of related activities, and include such things as a contacts list, calendar, reminders, and so on.

Sound and Vision

Then there is sound and vision. Who doesn’t have photos on their hard drive? Or movies? Or recordings of one sort of another? Who hasn’t made a collection of visual jokes, or funny pictures of some kind, or weird ones, or fantasy ones, or optical illusions, or whatever else, even if they’re only the occasional ones they’ve received in their email?

Nowadays it’s not unusual for people to have their own home made movies on their hard disk too. What used to be a specialty endeavour reserved for those who were able and skilled and technically adept to create movies, is now relatively straightforward and mainstream.

If you’re going to manage your stocks of photos, or movies, or recordings of whatever kind, you’d better have the sound and vision software that can best deal with it.

Utilities – useful software, but targeted!

Then we have general utilities. This section includes programs that take care of many and various things, very often dealing with only one specific task each. Included in this section are such diverse programs as clocks, file splitters and joiners, an email ‘add on’ that lets you know your message has been opened, a clipboard extender, a deleted file recovery program for those files you did away with accidentally, a file shredder to permanently destroy files that you don’t want around anymore, a utility to show where all that hard disk space is being ‘lost’, and many, many more.

Mind mapping – useful software for your mind

It’s all very well keeping well organised notes and documents, but if they’re difficult to read or revise then they’re of very limited use to you. Mind mapping is one solution to this. It helps by letting you display your notes in an easily digested way. Your central thought or idea is always visible, with the main attendant ideas radiating out from it. If you’re not familiar with mind mapping, it’s worth taking a closer look.

mind mapping software-1-500

There are quite a few mind mapping programs available online, and in this section I’ll introduce you to a few of them.

Motivational software

Then there’s software that works on you, not your computer, and tries to get your personal hardware (your brain) operating more efficiently and more effectively. This section has a few programs that assist in subliminal programming, and repeated affirmations. The idea is to assist you in making those repeated positive affirmations that we know we should be making, but that sometimes get forgotten about.

motivation - there's even useful software for that!

Mmm … guess he’s not using motivational software, huh?

Instead of letting it become a tedious business (which works directly against the whole idea of it anyway), these motivational programs make the business of affirmations painless and more or less automatic. I’m not saying you should replace your affirmations routine by letting a piece of software do it for you (that’s not going to happen!), but you can certainly assist the process by using these programs. And since they work on your computer while you’re using it anyway, why not make use of them? You’ll be making optimum use of your computer time, and getting some real benefits in the process.

Jack Jacker

Jack Jacker is a WordPress plugin that’s an absolute gift if you have a website of your own. In two senses. It lets you pull in genuinely worthwhile content from other sites (quite legally), and it doesn’t cost a penny!

Brett Rutecky, who wrote the plugin, is a well-respected software engineer, and it’s his way of helping and encouraging others to become as successful as he has. You can download your own free copy right here, on this page. Just scoot on over to the sidebar and click on the ad block.

Or, if you’d like to read my review of the software, check out this page.

Memory software

And then of course there’s memory improvement software. Programs to aid in your memory development (e.g. learning the Major System or the Journey Method), or to help you refine some of your memory skills, such as Morse Code or memorising playing cards. Again, I’m not suggesting that you depend on these systems to the extent that you don’t use your brain to do its job, just that it makes sense to use anything that will help you make progress.

I hope you can find a few items here that fill in a few gaps in your preferred software list.

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