U.S. Presidents List

U.S. Presidents List, from 1789 onward

Flag of the USA

The flag of the United States of America, for many, a symbol of the free world

I’m presenting a US presidents list that you may want to memorise. It doesn’t list all the US presidents, since it only includes persons sworn into office following the ratification of the United States Constitution, which took effect on 4 March 1789, but it is a full list of the US presidents from that date onward. Since Grover Cleveland served two terms in office (separate terms, that is, not consecutive), there have been 43 presidents, although there have been 44 presidencies. There have been both four presidents who died in office (of natural causes), and four who were assassinated.

List of the U.S. presidents

In the U.S. Presidents list, four presidents died in office.

The four presidents who died in office were:

  • William Henry Harrison
  • Zachary Taylor
  • Warren G. Harding
  • Franklin D. Roosevelt

And the four assassinated US presidents in the U.S. Presidents list were:

  • Abraham Lincoln
  • James A. Garfield
  • William McKinley
  • John F. Kennedy

Only one president has resigned from office, Richard M. Nixon, following the Watergate affair.

The Presidents of the United States of America

The Presidential Seal, symbol of the U.S. Presidents

Seal of the President of the United States of America

Before the rules were changed to stop it happening again, one president in the U.S. Presidents list, Franklin D. Roosevelt, served four consecutive terms, from 1933 to 1945 (coincidentally, 1933 was the year Hitler came to power in Germany and 1945 was the year he committed suicide and his Third Reich was defeated).

John F. Kennedy was the only Roman Catholic president, and Barack Obama is the first African American president in the list of the presidents of the United States of America.

The office of President of the United States of America is one of the highest and most sought after positions in the world. Many people regard the U.S. President as the leader of the free world, and, as the leader of the single remaining superpower in the world, it’s not difficult to see why.

A person can be elected to President of the United States for a term of four years, and usually cannot serve more than two terms of office. If someone assumes a presidency that someone else was elected to (for example after an assassination), and has served more than two years in that office, then he or she can serve no more than one term.

Restrictions on U.S. presidents

If a president dies in office, or resigns, or is removed from office for whatever reason, then the Vice President assumes the presidency. To be elected President, he or she must be at least 35 years of age and a “natural born” citizen of the United States. Who will be next on the U.S. presidents list? With elections coming up, we’ll soon find out.

The White House, home to the U.S. Presidents over the years

Twilight at The White House, home to each of the U.S. Presidents

Want to know more about the U.S. government and the way it operates? Visit the official White House site where you’ll find a huge and comprehensive array of sections covering various aspects of the U.S. Administration, information on the U.S. presidents down through the years, latest news from the Briefing Room, extensive photo galleries, etc, etc.

Here’s the list of the U.S. Presidents:

The Presidents of the United States of America
NoPresident (born-died)Took officeLeft officeParty
1George Washington, 1732-179930 Apr 17894 Mar 1797-- no party --
2John Adams, 1735-18264 Mar 17974 Mar 1801Federalist
3Thomas Jefferson, 1743-18264 Mar 18014 Mar 1809Democratic-Republican
4James Madison, 1751-18364 Mar 18094 Mar 1817Democratic-Republican
5James Monroe, 1758–18314 Mar 18174 Mar 1825Democratic-Republican
6John Quincy Adams, 1767–18484 Mar 18254 Mar 1829Democratic-Republican
7Andrew Jackson, 1767–18454 Mar 18294 Mar 1837Democratic
8Martin Van Buren, 1782–18624 Mar 18374 Mar 1841Democratic
9William Henry Harrison, 1773–18414 Mar 18414 Apr 1841Whig
10John Tyler, 1790–18624 Apr 18414 Mar 1845Whig
11James K. Polk, 1795–18494 Mar 18454 Mar 1849 Democratic
12Zachary Taylor, 1784–18504 Mar 18499 July 1850Whig
13Millard Fillmore, 1800–18749 Jul 18504 Mar 1853Whig
14Franklin Pierce, 1804–18694 Mar 18534 Mar 1857Democratic
15James Buchanan, 1791–18684 Mar 18574 Mar 1861Democratic
16Abraham Lincoln, 1809–18654 Mar 186115 Apr 1865Republican
17Andrew Johnson, 1808–187515 Apr 18654 Mar 1869Democratic
18Ulysses S. Grant, 1822–18854 Mar 18694 Mar 1877Republican
19Rutherford B. Hayes, 1822–18934 Mar 18774 Mar 1881Republican
20James A. Garfield, 1831–18814 Mar 188119 Sep 1881Republican
21Chester A. Arthur, 1829–188619 Sep 18814 Mar 1885Republican
22Grover Cleveland, 1837–19084 Mar 18854 Mar 1889Democratic
23Benjamin Harrison, 1833–19014 Mar 18894 Mar 1893Republican
24Grover Cleveland, 1837–19084 Mar 18934 Mar 1897Democratic
25William McKinley, 1843–19014 Mar 189714 Sep 1901Republican
26Theodore Roosevelt, 1858–191914 Sep 19014 Mar 1909Republican
27William Howard Taft, 1857–19304 Mar 19094 Mar 1913Republican
28Woodrow Wilson, 1856–19244 Mar 19134 Mar 1921Democratic
29Warren G. Harding, 1865–19234 Mar 19212 Aug 1923Republican
30Calvin Coolidge, 1872–19332 Aug 19234 Mar 1929Republican
31Herbert Hoover, 1874–19644 Mar 19294 Mar 1933Republican
32Franklin D. Roosevelt, 1882–19454 Mar 193312 Apr 1945Democratic
33Harry S. Truman, 1884–197212 Apr 194520 Jan 1953Democratic
34Dwight D. Eisenhower, 1890–196920 Jan 195320 Jan 1961Republican
35John F. Kennedy, 1917–196320 Jan 196122 Nov 1963Democratic
36Lyndon B. Johnson, 1908–197322 Nov 196320 Jan 1969Democratic
37Richard M. Nixon, 1913–199420 Jan 19699 Aug 1974Republican
38Gerald Ford, 1913–20069 Aug 197420 Jan 1977Republican
39Jimmy Carter, 1924-20 Jan 197720 Jan 1981Democratic
40Ronald Reagan, 1911–200420 Jan 198120 Jan 1989Republican
41George H.W. Bush, 1924-20 Jan 198920 Jan 1993Republican
42Bill Clinton, 1946-20 Jan 199320 Jan 2001Democratic
43George W. Bush, 1946-20 Jan 200120 Jan 2009Republican
44Barack Obama, 1961-20 Jan 200920 Jan 2017Democratic
45Donald J. Trump, 1946 - 20 Jan 2017IncumbentRepublican


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