My mish-mash Memory Palace

I originally intended to make my childhood home my memory palace. But I realised that after not seeing the interior for 10 years I had forgotten the layout! So it ended up being a patchwork of other family homes I’ve seen more recently. So far It’s working great! If there are any creative suggestions for a way around stairs and corridors getting in the way of rooms I would love to hear them!


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by: Jhonny

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Feel free to be creative with your memory palace!
by: Ken

It’s often a good idea to revisit your childhood home for the purpose of creating a memory palace, but the thing is, it’s not all that important that it’s accurate. As a matter of fact, you can modernise it, restructure it in a different style, extend it, do anything you like to it, as long as you do it carefully and remember exactly what you’ve done.

In other words, use your childhood home, by all means, but feel free to get the builders in, and the interior designers, no expense spared! Make your childhood home (or at least your mental image of it) as big and expansive as you like. Include modern devices and extra rooms, decorate it as comfortably as you please, and make it a thoroughly enjoyable place to visit.

Then relax and start using it as a place to position things of importance, things you would like to be able to easily recall.

Here’s a great tip: Have someone there as a ‘foil’ to you, the main character in this internal theatre. After all, Where would Holmes be without Watson? Starsky without Hutch? Bert without Ernie? Cagney without Lacey? Everybody needs somebody to bounce ideas off (and to make them look good!).

Have someone there, perhaps as a sort of curator, ready and willing to engage in conversation about what it is you want to store in your memory palace. And really see this person, watch his/her expression as you speak, listen to his/her responses, and so on. This makes it so much more real. It actually becomes difficult to forget something once you’ve engaged in a conversation about it with someone you know.

Just make sure you pay close attention, and make the whole thing really clear and vivid in your mind. Believe me, this really helps.


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