The 100 List, 40-59

The 100 List, 40-59 …
the next 20 memory characters

Yvette - a saucy addition to your memory list!

Yvette, who could break down any French resistance!

Time to meet the next twenty memory characters. Remember, these are the ones I’ve chosen to put in my memory list. You’re welcome to use any or all of them in your memory list, just as you wish, but it’s far better to make your own 100 List. It’ll be personalised, and that much more memorable. And it’s a pretty safe bet that some of my memory characters won’t mean a thing to you anyway.

But stick with this for now, so that you get the idea. Once you understand how the 100 List works and what it’s used for, you can get busy and construct your own 100 List. This batch takes us past half way. See, I told you it wasn’t much! Take a look at them and, who knows, there might even be a few memory characters in there that you recognise, and would like to use.

Meet your characters!

Get to know your characters. As you repeatedly review your memory list, ‘see’ the characters on your mental screen and watch them carefully. Try to take in all the details – what they look like, exactly, what they’re wearing, what they’re doing, how they sound, how they use their ‘props’, and so on.

See them holding up a banner or placard bearing their number, or bearing a two-digit number tattoo, or speaking their number aloud. Doing this will place them more firmly in their number slot, so that whenever you hear a particular two-digit number, the character you’ve assigned to that number will instantly pop up in your mind.

George Formby could be cleaning windows … or racing a motor bike … or riding a horse … or playing the ukulele … or playing the fool any way you want. Very versatile, our George, oh aye! Turned out nice again! 😉

THE 100 LIST, 40-49
40Eric Bristowplaying darts'darting' about
41Prince Charlesplanting a treeceremoniously, or digging
42WC Fieldsjuggling
43Charlie Chaplinbig, shabby shoes3rd marriage was in '43
44Freddy Kruegerslashing, metal clawsfour metal fingers
45Winston Churchillsmoking a big cigarWWII ended in '45
46George Formbycleaning windowsmade Britain laugh
47Steve Davisplaying snookerfamous for scoring 147
48Yvette ('Allo 'Allo)straightening seams48 ... her bra size? 🙂
49Old Mother Rileywith mop and bucketFilm, New Venture, '49

Make your links creative and humorous

It’s not always enough to link one character to another in a logical way, although there will be times that’s all you have time to come up with. What you really want is to make your links funny, or weird, or bizarre. Even unusual isn’t enough – you want zany, off-the-wall, absolutely ridiculous!

If you’re linking 42 to 47, that’s WC Fields and Steve Davis, but you don’t just want to see Fields playing snooker on your mental screen. No, not good enough. Not good enough at all. There must be scope to make something of that situation …

Actually, that one’s a gift, because I remember him in a film playing snooker with a bent cue, which made for some laughs, but if that hadn’t sprung to mind I’d have had him leaning (slouching awkwardly, actually) across the snooker table and cursing the fact that the damn cue was too short, when it was obvious he hadn’t got himself close enough to reach the ball, or he was getting the cue tangled up with the light fitting overhead. That little scene would have indelibly linked the two numbers, for me at least.

THE 100 LIST, 50-59
50Tommy Cooperwith bottle and glass50% comic, 50% magician
51Frankie Howerdeating an applefruit seller, "The Ladykillers"
52Don Corleonepeeling an orangedeath omen, "The Godfather"
53The Queenputting her crown onthe coronation was in '53
54Rolf Harrispainting a huge muralusing a very wide brush
55Albert Einsteinsolving equationsEinstein died, '55
56Uncle Jedwhittling a stick
57John Lennonplaying pianoHeinz 57 tin open on the piano
58Frankie Fraserplaying a machineran a gambling company
59Old Steptoetearing newspaperfor the outside 'karzy'

A cast of thousands

Freddy - a frightening addition to your memory list

A Nightmare you’ll have no trouble recalling!

Well, a hundred anyway. But that hundred memory characters will play thousands of roles over a lifetime as your memory list develops. Every time you remember a long number, or use the characters to link to a string of facts of any kind, they will be interacting in ways you can’t even imagine yet.

And that’s why you’ll remember them – because each and every time they make an appearance on your mental screen they will be in a new situation, doing different things, using slightly differing props, linking to different characters, and extending a whole new story.

They will be your personal cast, subject to your direction, ready and eager to play any role you specify, and to do precisely what you tell them. Don’t go carried away and go power mad, but have fun with them! This memory list of yours is a powerful thing, but with great power comes great responsibility! 😉

This cast of one hundred characters is infinitely changeable, infinitely variable, infinitely interesting, and most importantly of all, infinitely memorable. So pay attention to all the details that come to mind with each one.

Make use of all their individual traits, and keep linking them in ever more creative ways. With that attitude in mind, this memory list, your own personal 100 List, will open the door to feats of memory that even you will find amazing.


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