The 100 List, 80-99

The 100 List, 80-99 … time to chunk it!

Does it all seem too much to remember? A long memory list, useful enough, but difficult for you to learn in the first place? Then make use of one of my favourite memory techniques – chunking. Break the task down into smaller parts, and work on each one separately. It not only makes the task easier, it eases the pressure on the stress pedal. A hundred might seem too much, but ten sets of ten is no problem!

Harry Potter - adds magic to your memory list

A character like Harry Potter gives you unlimited options
… anything goes!

In this case, the ‘problem’ is that there are one hundred characters to memorise, and to successfully link them to one hundred numbers. Let’s be honest, that feels like a lot of stuff to memorise! But, looking at it from a different perspective, that’s only ten sets of ten! And a set of ten characters and numbers is definitely do-able. Far easier than the entire memory list. Bingo! No stress!

Take one of your ten sets of ten from your memory list and work on it for a while. Within a day or two you’ll probably know it inside out, backwards, and in random order. Move on to the next set when you’re ready, and not before (taking time to review the first set occasionally as you work on the new one). Carry on this way for as long as it takes, probably only a week or two. And doing it this way you’ll find it easier, and less stressful.

THE 100 LIST, 80-89
80Del-boy/Only Foolstwanging red bracesouch! as they snap back
81Marty McFlyhover-boarding"Back to the Future"
82Richard Bransonholding a toy balloonBuilt 'Great House', '82
83Mr. T, The A-Teamdoing pull-upsMr. T rhymes with 83
84Bob Geldofrattling collection tinfundraising, '84
85Dot Cotton/Eastiesscarf over curlersEastEnders started '85
86Lord Lichfieldtaking photographs
87Harry Potterwaving wand, spellsanything goes! It's magic!
88Arniedoing d/bell curls88 bulges like his biceps!
89Quasimodoringing a handbellhunched over

Make it a Hollywood production … complete with special effects!

When a Hollywood film company starts production (and even before, in pre-production), they have to be constantly aware of costs. Watch the credits roll after a major film and just see how many people were involved. It often amounts to thousands of individuals.

Now think how expensive all those separate facets of film making must have been, including film/screenplay rights, cast and crew wages, location costs, special effects, music rights, shooting costs, post-production costs, marketing and distribution, etc, etc. Astronomical! And you naively thought they just turned up in New York one weekend with a cheap video camera and a few actors! 😉

Well, the good news is you can make your own highly polished production, with no limit on the special effects involved (or any other limit actually), and it won’t cost you a single penny. All it will cost you is a little time and effort. And the working title of your production? The Memory List, of course!

THE 100 LIST, 90-99
90Jeevesrunning a bath90% of J&W's IQ!!
91Benny Hillwith a rattly milk crate"Fastest Milkman in the West"
92Rockyputting on gloves... or taping his hands
93Fred Elliottchopping meat Coronation Street character
94Steven Spielbergusing movie camera
95Henry VIIIslinging chicken bones
96Judge Judybanging gavelher show started '96
97Lady Diusing metal detectordied '97
98Bill Gatesworking at a computerWindows '98
99Will Hayshackled"Convict 99", one of his films

Make it a real blockbuster

Rocky - adds 'punch' to your memory list!

If you’re going to have a
Hollywood blockbuster, why not have some Hollywood stars? Hey, it’s all up to you!

It’s worth taking time and putting in some effort so that what you produce is as engaging, as enthralling, as funny, as fascinating, and as memorable as a Hollywood blockbuster. When you’re using the memory list for real, don’t rush the production process, take your time (unless you’re in a time-limited situation of course), and see to it that what you end up with is something that you enjoy, that you want to see again, and that you remember clearly.

Some of your characters will likely be big-time Hollywood stars anyway, so give them the star treatment! Lay on a big production. Why not … it’s not going to cost you a penny!

Use everything available to you – humour, sex, slapstick, violence, vibrant colours, resonant sounds, special effects, explosions,  talking animals, highly expressive ‘actors’, speed, action, weird situations, real dinosaurs! … the list could go on and on. Don’t skimp on anything. Remember, the production costs could rack up at an astonishing rate and you still won’t have to foot the bill, so really go for it.


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