My Memory Palace is just started

My Memory Palace is Just Started
by Keely, (Bendigo, Victoria, Australia)

I’ve just started a mind palace. I was wondering what I could use. I saw someone said they were really into Harry Potter and used the castle for their palace. So I thought, because I’m a HUGE Doctor Who geek, I’ll use the Tardis. It’s my second home, and the Tardis is infinite. So right now, I only have the main room.


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I have a question.
by: Recomer

Firstly I appreciate you because you could do it. And share your experiences. But I have a problem. How can I store a “Formula”, “Information” ? Is there a technique to do that because there is a lot of information I would want to store in my library.
Please help me.


I love the Tardis idea!
by: Ken (RMI) I’ve played with the idea of using the Tardis myself, Keely. I love the idea that its possibilities are infinite too.

As well as storing artefacts to represent things you need to recall, I suppose you could imagine going down corridors that lead to various fascinating rooms, such as …

* a Library of Knowledge, where you could look up information on any subject. And because this is YOUR world, the books (or tapes) would actually have that information and it would be available to you. As long as you have that expectation, your mind would do all in its power to give you the information you require. And don’t say “Just use Google!”. Your mind, properly primed, can provide information on ANYTHING … Google can’t compete with that!

* a medical viewing room that holds a screen and various other devices that can show you exactly what is going on inside you when you have a medical problem. And advise on the treatment required!

* a revitalizer room, where there are mechanisms to help restore your energy and give you that much needed boost.

Does anybody have any suggestions for other rooms or areas?



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