Mental Attitude

I know it’s obvious, but your mental attitude determines everything about you. At the simplest level, if you wake up in the morning with a bad feeling and you don’t do anything to change it, your day can only really go downhill from there. On the other hand, if you wake up feeling wonderful, or if you start off feeling bad but shake yourself out of it, the whole complexion of the day can be entirely different.

Mental attitude determines everything

It’s tempting to think that focusing on memory improvement techniques is the main factor in improving your memory. But the fact is that if you start from a bad place (a poor mental attitude), then all the memory tricks in the world can only bring you temporary improvement. One of the reasons for this is that you won’t even follow up on your initial successes, or maybe you won’t be focused on making them happen in the first place. But one of the key reasons is that, deep down, you don’t believe you can ever really improve.

If you want to see real memory improvement, it’s necessary to get to the root cause of change. Any changes that take place start with your mental attitude. It’s the background for the big picture. Without taking time to improve your mental attitude, any time spent on ‘details’ such as memory improvement techniques can turn out to be largely wasted.


It goes without saying that you can’t hope to remember something if you didn’t even notice it in the first place. But it’s tempting to think we can get round that by using some clever memory device or memory system.


First off, we’ve got to start taking notice of what’s going on around us. Make it your business to develop a ravenous interest in things. Be attentive. Look for the details, and go over them in your mind. This simple step, starting to really pay attention, is one of the secrets of developing a powerful memory.


Your self image is a major part of your mental attitude

Your self-image is just a mask that you can learn to change.

If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you succeed? It’s difficult enough if the people around you lack faith in your abilities and your potential, but if you lack faith, it’s almost impossible. The way to change this, to make yourself truly believe that you can achieve what you aim for, is to improve your self-image. Somewhere, deep inside of your mind, you have a model of what you are really like. It has been built up over many years, and from many different sources, and it is your own internal map or plan of what you are really like. If this plan is faulty (or negative), then any results based on it not only will be, but must be, less than satisfactory.

The good news is that the self-image, even though it is the result of years of input, can not only be changed, but can be changed fairly quickly. Once you begin to understand a few important facts and methods, improving your self-image is within your grasp. It like taking a mask off and showing your true self.


We all tend to put things off way too long. Often, we only realise it when it’s too late – years have passed and it dawns on us that the things we meant to do, and to achieve, have just never happened. It’s a creeping form of sickness. We may not even know we’re suffering from it, and then suddenly we are faced with the stomach-churning result of it. Life has largely passed us by and we’re left with that sick feeling that comes of realising that wasting time is one of the biggest mistakes we can ever make.

If you feel you’ve been putting things off and failing to achieve, then you’ll benefit from reading about what can be done to overcome the almost fatal habit of procrastination.


Motivation signpost - motivation is a big part of your mental attitude

Without motivation all your plans might be worth nothing.

And if you decide to turn over a new leaf and make a habit of getting things done, how can you keep on the straight and narrow? It’s one thing to make a positive decision, but how do you stay motivated? It’s by failing to get motivated and to stay motivated that you fell into the procrastination trap in the first place.

Read about what can be done to get your motor running at full speed. Get into the habit of keeping your eye on your target. Start to get the feeling that you’re getting there, bit by bit. Motivation isn’t a habit that some people are just born with, it’s a skill that has to be learned and worked at. Knowing more about it can equip you to move forward more steadily and more effectively.


One of the most important and yet largely misunderstood aspects of a healthy mental attitude is positivity. Positivity has had a bad press in recent years because so many people talk so vaguely about it. Being positive isn’t about walking around wearing a sickly grin all day long, blind to reality. Nor is it about expecting all the good things in life to just land in your lap. Positivity isn’t magic, and its results are very rarely instant. But having a genuinely positive attitude can, without doubt, change your life for the better.

It can make you appreciate what you already have, which can be the first step to getting more of the same. It can help you become more tolerant of other people’s shortcomings. None of us is perfect, and part of being positive is realising this and accepting things as they are, when necessary. And it can make each day brighter, more hopeful, more joyful, than you ever imagined. Not because you’re blinded to reality, but because you realise that, ultimately, your reality is what you make it. Check out this amazing site and I guarantee you’ll feel 100% more positive almost immediately!

Letting go

Zen garden, stones and sand - stay calm and maintain a positive mental attitude

A positive, relaxed attitude helps you perform at a higher level. But it’s not about forcing, but letting go.

If you have a positive mental attitude it’s easier to harness your mental faculties. You can learn to get into an optimum learning state and stay there. You can learn to be comfortable with relaxing, and lose any feelings of guilt that are slowing down your progress. Often, people find it hard to really let go because, deep down, they harbour feelings of low self-esteem and they feel guilty about taking it easy. But you need to relax. Letting go and getting into an optimum learning state will allow your brain to work more effectively. It will stop it ‘idling’ at a high speed. Is it any wonder so many people are stressed out these days, when you consider that their mental state is so unfocused?

If only …

We’re very quick to think “If only I’d done things differently … if only I’d had luck on my side … if only I’d stuck with it a bit longer … if only …”

There’s a better way. ‘If only‘ can lead you down a spiral of despair, if you let it … and there’s a way to move on, with a more positive attitude.

Learn to relax, and to get into a more productive mental state. You’ll feel better, you’ll learn more effectively, and you’ll remember more of what you have learned.


Using positive daily affirmations can be a very effective way to bring about dramatic changes in your life. Instead of the usual negative thoughts that we generally give headspace to, why not write a list of positive affirmations and spend a few minutes each day repeating them. It’s an effective way to reach your subconscious mind, and pass on some clear, positive intentions.

And the subconscious will take whatever it’s given and run with it. Give it garbage (which is what most of us do, most of the time), and the results will be poor at best, and quite possibly disastrous. But change those negative thoughts and ideas to positive ones and watch the transformation!

Panic attacks

Panic attacks can strike without warning and leave you in a terrible state. They feel like the end of the world, but the more you know about them, the better prepared you are to deal with them.

Getting things done

If you have the correct mental attitude, you can get a lot done. But there’s more to getting things done than just having a to-do list in your pocket! Read the article to find out more.

Think positively

Positive thinking is often looked on as almost laughable. And no wonder … positive thinking on its own isn’t worth much. But when you tag on some positive action, inspired action, the results can be astonishing! Read about how you can go from being miserable and depressed in double-quick time, just by re-jigging your thinking, and you’ll be walking around with a silly grin on your face in no time at all!

You are limitless!

You want to change your life, right? Then realise, once and for all, that you are already limitless. You have, within you, all you need in order to be all that you want to be. Believe in yourself, and trust the Universe to support you in all your endeavours. You have the potential to be anything you want to be, to do anything you want to do, and to have anything you want to have. Just trust in yourself, and your innate abilities. You were born to succeed!

Information overload

With all the hubbub of social media everywhere around us, and instantly accessible, we’re in danger of suffering information overload. We need to remember that even the human brain has its limits. When it’s not in busy mode, it might seem to be resting, but there’s more going on than meets the eye. These quieter periods are necessary for assimilating information and memories properly. During these quieter times, it might be an idea to take a step back, chill out, maybe meditate for a while. Fuelling the constant, hectic input of information can be a mistake and could lead to burnout.


Foundations Recovery Network

Positive thinking certainly plays a vital part in recovery from mental health problems combined with substance abuse disorders.

Foundations Recovery Network (FRN) is a health treatment provider with a mission … and that mission is to be the leader in evidence-based integrated treatment.

FRN has an extensive network of facilities across America, and they seek to achieve long-term recovery through forging long-term, meaningful relationships.

Make no mistake, life can be harsh at times, and anyone can become the subject of a traumatic situation.

Whether it’s through post-traumatic stress disorder, a messy relationship breakup, the death of a loved one, a car accident, the loss of your job … or your house … or any number of things.


Whatever caused it, the effects can be devastating, both emotionally and psychologically. Don’t suffer in silence; phone the confidential helpline at FRN and speak to someone trained to help. Call (877) 345-3395.

Do we always need to remember things precisely?

Actually, remembering inaccurately can be very beneficial at times. It can boost our self-esteem to ‘remember’ things in a more favourable light, and it can be useful to create memories that aren’t strictly true, but work in our favour nonetheless.

In fact, some of the most successful people, in various fields, make use of this technique, seeing themselves achieving things with amazing clarity way before they’ve ever been in the real situation where they are put to the test. And as long as it helps get you where you want to be, what’s wrong with that?



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