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A whole world of knowledge

We live in a world flooded with information like never before, information on countries and capitals and everything else you can think of. We’re in the middle of a whole world of knowledge, but many have very little knowledge of the world or the various cultures that comprise it.

The world is rich in diverse and wonderful cultures

The world is rich in diverse and wonderful cultures

Where once you had to go out of your way to gather the information you needed on a subject, now it’s just a click away. A million websites eagerly vie for your attention, and seek to supply all your information needs, instantly and painlessly. And you don’t even need to take a trip to the library!

The Smallest Country in the World
The Vatican is the smallest country in the world (also known as a city state), covering just 0.2 of a square mile. It has 700 inhabitants, none of whom live there permanently. It’s the spiritual centre for the Roman Catholic church, and the entire country is inside the city of Rome.


Beauty in different cultures may not be regarded as beauty in some other cultures.

Some cultures define beauty in ways quite different from other cultures

Sadly, while many people eagerly take advantage of this endless supply of ready information, many remain just as ill-informed as they ever were. Where once they might have been put off by the thought of having to go searching for a book on various cultures in a library, or in a bookshop, or even ordering it by post, now they’re put off by the thought of briefly interrupting their endless social networking chatter in order to find the relevant website.

Oh, life can be so hard sometimes! To have to disengage from chatting to your online virtual ‘friends’ (most of whom you’ve probably never met), and spend all of three or four minutes searching for the most suitable website to find out about countries and the various cultures pf the people that live there. If only they could make the whole thing instant. And automatic … yes, automatic, that’d be fantastic! Oh, but wait, that’s coming … just give it a few years.

Watch your knowledge of the world and its cultures grow

Study this list of countries and capitals and see where it takes you. Regardless of how much you already know, enter this world of knowledge and improve your knowledge of the world. Don’t rush, it’s fine if you want to go off on a little side road occasionally and investigate something of the cultures in more detail. Learn something about the various countries and increase your understanding of other cultures of the world.

Some cultures dictate a woman's face should be covered, while other cultures encourage women to be less 'modest'

Some cultures dictate that a woman’s face be mostly covered, in most situations

Each time you learn something about countries and capitals and successfully link it to other things you already know, it broadens and strengthens the network of facts and information you’re building up.

This is where memory improvement work really pays off!

East TimorDili
England (part of the UK)London
El SalvadorSan Salvador
Equatorial GuineaMalabo
EthiopiaAddis Ababa
The GambiaBanjul
GrenadaSt. George's
GuatemalaGuatemala City
IndiaNew Delhi
KiribatiTarawa Atoll
North KoreaPyongyang
South KoreaSeoul
KuwaitKuwait City

Embrace the cultures of the world

Learn all you can about other cultures. Learn a language, or more than one if you’re adventurous enough to try it. You’ll understand so much more about the people of that ‘foreign’ country, and about their cultures, than you ever would by just reading about it. Embrace the differences! The more you learn, the more you realise that we are all essentially the same, and the differences are just the spice that makes it all so tasty.

A great way to learn more about various cultures  is to take a look at their newspapers. Many of them, such as Le Figaro, Le Monde, La Repubblica and Der Spiegel are available online now and you can dip in and try your hand and your new language skills by doing a bit of light reading. You don’t have to be fluent in the language, not by any means, but trying to understand headlines and articles is the way to start.

Jack Jacker

And you can easily check the meanings of words you don’t understand right there online . Bear in mind the translations (of phrases or entire senteces) that you will get from sites like these won’t always be exactly right, but that’s not important; all you need is a nudge in the right direction – after all, you’re learning the language, so making mistakes is all part of the fun, right?

Beauty in some cultures is different from beauty in other culturesYou’ll not only learn more about the world we share, but also enjoy some real personal development. Broaden your horizons all you can and welcome all the differences in the cultures you become familiar with! It’s a big world out there, and it’s a pity to reduce it to one specific area or country. Whether you like it or not, you’re a citizen of the world and the more you learn about it the happier your stay on this beautiful planet will be!


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