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This page features motivational software. It’s only right that there should be some software, at least, that’s specifically designed to help you improve something about yourself. I mean, let’s face it, most of it is geared towards improving the way our sound files work, or our video recordings. But we can’t ignore how important it is to improve the most important thing of all, ourselves.

These motivational software programs are aimed squarely at bringing about improvements in the most complex biological system in the known universe … the human brain.

Motivator – simple but effective motivational software

Motivator - simple but effective motivational software

Motivator helps you keep your affirmations in front of you all day long!

Motivator is a wonderful little motivational software program, and very simple and compact, not to mention free. You put in whatever motivational affirmations or comments you want, and specify at what interval they should be repeated, and they will appear in the corner of your screen every 5 minutes (or however often you choose).You can even copy some inspiring quotations from some of the other motivational software on this page and put them in Motivator.

You can change the background colour, the text colour, and how long a motivational comment or affirmation stays onscreen. You can make it fade out, or slide offscreen, your choice. Simple, but very, very effective. Terrific for constantly reminding yourself of the affirmations you should be repeating to yourself if you want to make gradual and constant improvements.

Unfortunately, Motivator is no longer available online, as far as I can tell. Fortunately, I have a copy!

Download it from here: Motivator

Use it to repeat positive, life-affirming and motivational phrases such as:

I'm calm and relaxedI can handle it
My memory works amazingly wellI sleep well and wake refreshed
Time enough - no need to rushI'm vibrantly healthy
I fall asleep easily, and wake refreshedIf it's important ... just do it!
Life is fun!Take a deep breath!
My mind is free from worryI sleep well, always
Everything works out for the bestI enjoy exercise
I'm smarter than I ever realised!I absorb information quickly and easily
I'm honest and generousI've always got time to smile!
I don't have time to bother with illnessI shake infection off instantly
I'm grateful for everything!Life is a wonderful adventure
I trust the Universe to care for meI do my best, and expect success
Life's a facinating game, and I'm a winner!I feel calm and confident
I enjoy life, and I stay calmI work steadily, but never rush
Prosperity finds its way to meI find it easy to be successful
Live boldly!I take action every single day
I am super-motivated!I never lose faith
Today is better than yesterday!I make the most of every moment
Making steady progressGrasp every opportunity!
I am already wealthy!I am persistent!

Obviously, choose the phrases you’re going to use very carefully, and keep them fairly short. The ones above are just examples, and you might not even agree that they’re of any use to you. Use whatever feels right for you personally. And you can input as many as you like, which is good because they seem that much fresher and more spontaneous when they pop up at random! You can change them when you want as well. It’s all up to you.

Use Motivator every day while you’re using your computer and you can’t fail to benefit from it.

UPDATE: I’ve just found out that you will probably be requested, by a ‘nag screen’, to input the address you used to download the program originally. If that’s the case, go to this address and you’ll be able to enter your email address and request a free copy. The company will then send you a download link. So, the program is available, and it is free!

MindFlasher – another free motivational software

MindFlasher is a free motivational software program (two, actually) that flashes either text or images on your screen as and when you want. It’s quite simple and basic (which is just what you want, right?), and it gets the job done without any problems. It’s a tiny program that uninstalls easily and quickly if you decide you don’t need it.

You can have the text (of your own choosing) or the images (likewise) flashed onto your screen for just a few milliseconds, or for much longer. Just the thing for installing empowering thoughts into your subconscious!

Get it from, and take a look at this video to see the program in action.

Think Right Now

Think Right Now is another fascinating motivational software program that helps you instil some positive programming directly into your subconscious. Unlike many of the programs on these pages, this is a paid for program. I bought it years ago and it was well worth the price.

Think Right Now - Motivational software

Think Right Now puts you in full and precise control of what goes into your head!

It comes with dozens of ready-formatted lists of motivational phrases that you can load, or you have the option of composing your own list (or lists), which is the route I choose to take. Once you’ve loaded a list of phrases, they start to appear onscreen. You can make them appear and disappear so fast that they’re barely visible, or you can choose to have them onscreen for longer.

The theory with this motivational software is that your subconscious is quite able to absorb information that appears in front of you for even the merest moment, specially if it’s often repeated. And you can have them appear as often as once a second, or spaced out as long as 90 seconds.

Subliminal messages are a really good way to pepper your subconscious with positive, life-affirming and motivational thoughts, and any software that allows you to do this automatically has got my vote. Derren Brown makes frequent use of subliminal messaging in some of his shows, to astounding effect.

There’s more to Think Right Now than the affirmations. It comes with music tracks, and you can choose to have them play along with the affirmations so that they’re more readily absorbed by your mind. The music of choice is in the baroque style, since that has proven to be most useful in facilitating accelerated learning, and you’re recommended to listen via stereo headphones. There’s nothing stopping you adding your own music tracks of course (whatever works for you), and baroque music, if that’s your choice, is readily available to download online if you want some fresh tracks.

With Think Right Now you have full control. You decide what material goes into your brain! You decide how long it stays onscreen and what size the text is. You can literally have it flickering on and off almost all the time, and at random screen positions, so you don’t get used to it being in one place, or you can choose to keep it centralised.

Personally, when I use it, I only disable it for a while when the flickering becomes a nuisance. If I’m trying to concentrate on something it can be a bit distracting. But given that you’re going to spend at least an hour a day (or probably more) in front of your monitor, why not use that time and space to literally bombard your subconscious with empowering, positive and motivational phrases?

Another free program for motivational software

I’ve just come across this new motivational software program and it’s excellent. It’s called Subliminal Messages, and you can get it, free, from the Mind of a Winner website. It comes with a whole stack of ready-made motivational messages in several different categories. And, of course, you can add your own, just to suit yourself.

It’s a very simple, straightforward interface (for a change), and you can work out how to use it in a matter of seconds. There is the list of categories, from which you can choose one, then you can see the messages n that category, which you can select (all, or just the ones you want to use), or you can create your own category.

In the settings view you can choose the size of the font, its colour, and the placement of the messages on the screen. You can also choose the speed they flash on and for how long. An excellent program, and it seems it’s been created for just the right purpose, to help people improve their lives and make the most of themselves.

HabitForge – motivational software with a difference

It takes about three weeks to form a new habit, so the theory goes (probably somewhat longer, according to recent research). Simplicity itself, you might think! All I have to do is stick with it, rigidly, for a few weeks and I’m done. But we all know it’s not that easy. Even with the best will in the world, if you want to create a good habit you can get distracted and leave the job half done.

That’s where HabitForge comes in! This is motivational software with a difference!

You sign up with HabitForge and you specify a new habit you want to forge. They email you every day for 21 days to find out how you’re doing. And you can either do it by yourself, or join a group of people who are working toward a similar goal. It gives you that bit of encouragement to carry on, that bit of support, and that extra something … that bit of accountability.

Suddenly, someone is depending on you to do it. Someone is expecting you to do your bit today, and every day. And someone will be checking that you did! That little bit can make all the difference.

Maybe this is best said by Al Pacino in the short video below. Someone posted it in the HabitForge blog, and it’s a really inspiring clip. As the person who posted it commented, “This gives me a tingle in my spine every time …”

Wisdom of the Ages

Wisdom of the Ages - Motivational software

Wisdom of the Ages comes with over 6,500 quotations, and the option to select them just as you like, or even add to them

The carefully chosen words of over 1,000 of the greatest motivational thinkers in history have been collected together to make Wisdom of the Ages. With this motivational software program, you have access to over 6,500 quotes that will get you thinking, and spark new ideas. You can select quotes by author, or by subject, or you can have the program produce a ‘quote of the day’ every time you boot up your computer. You can work your way through the entire list if you like (and if you have time!), or you can click on a button and have a random quote appear onscreen.

You can choose the font, font size and colour, the background colour, etc. with ease. The whole program is geared towards making it easy for you to enjoy choosing and reading your quotes just the way you like. You can delete any quotes you don’t care to keep, and you can add any that aren’t already included. It really is quite a program!

Freeware, but if you pay to register it you get certain extras (more quotations, the ability to print them out and export them, etc), but for most people the extras won’t really add a lot, to be honest.


IntelliQuote - Motivational software

IntelliQuote quotations software has over 3,000
quotations, in several different categories

Intelliquote is a nice little quotations program (well, not that little actually – it contains well over 3,000 quotes). You can have it set to a timer so they change every so often, or just click a button. And a nice touch is that below each quote you’ll see an interesting little bio of the person to whom the quote is attributed.

Oh, and you can select only certain categories, if you like, rather than have them all automatically involved. IntelliQuote is freeware.

Notable Quotables

Notable Quotables - Motivational software

Notable Quotables displays some amusing
and fascinating quotations onscreen

This is a well put together motivational software program, comprising over 4,200 quotations. The quotes are well worth reading too, but having said that, you’ve said it all really. There doesn’t seem to be any option to see the quotes change automatically, and no separate categories. Still, the quotes in Notable Quotables are very good, and having easy access to so many has to be a good thing.

The quote you’re looking at can be copied to the clipboard by pressing a button, so you can easily select and gather your favourites in one place and print them out, if you want.

Shareware program.


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