101 Inspiring Quotations

     … with thought-provoking comments

101 Quotations with thought-provoking comments is a book of just over 100 outstanding quotations … well, to be honest, there are lots more than that, but I just loved the title! And I did try to trim it down to 101, I really did, but you know how it is … sometimes you find a quotation that’s just too good to leave out. So before you know where you are, it’s started to get completely out of hand. Sorry ’bout that!

A bulging resources section

Anyway, on top of all the quotations there’s a jam-packed resources section, stuffed with tasty links to all kinds of things to make life that little bit more interesting. You’ll get access to bucketloads of tips on grammar, spelling, vocabulary, and everything to do with literature. Including tips on writing from the master himself, Stephen King.

And if English isn’t your first language, you’ll find a list of the top 3,000 vocabulary words to improve your command of the language. And if you’ve always wanted to take a leap into public speaking but didn’t really know how, you’ll be able to learn that too.

Turbo-boost your affirmations!

I’m guessing you’ve probably tried using affirmations to achieve your goals … well, now you’ll find tips on making them actually work the way they’re supposed to. And those goals that have been doing nothing more useful than padding out your to-do list, you’ll find ways to actually achieve them as well.

Fancy a free course? On virtually anything? I thought so!

Well, you’re going to find out how to 101 quotations, with thought-provoking commentsget your hands on literally hundreds of free, top-quality online courses in this guide, as well as tips on more effective speed reading, improving your memory, and boosting your self confidence. You’ll even find tips to help you become more prosperous, as well as dozen more resources to help you get more out of life!

This is a book you’ll find yourself dipping into time and time again, if only for the resources section. Oh, and there’s 101 really excellent and inspiring quotations in there as well, did I forget to mention that? 

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