Think positively …

and ditch the negativity!

Change your thoughts - towards positivityIf you are in control of your thoughts, you can achieve almost anything. It sounds simplistic, and we’ve all heard it before, many times, and wondered why we still can’t achieve what we want. But hang on, there’s more to it that just a simplistic mantra that “you can achieve anything you want”.

The problem is, most of us, most of the time, are not in control of our thoughts. Look back at the beginning of that first paragraph. Go on, take a look. See? … it starts with being in control of your thoughts.

Everything you think, every attitude you adopt, every position you take, every angle you see things from … it all matters … it all makes a huge difference. You see positive statements all over the place (on my Facebook page, for example!), and sometimes you just think, “Here we go again … think happy thoughts and everything will turn out shiny and perfect … wow, is that all you have to do? … What a load of bull!”.

Well, no. That’s not all. Not quite. Think positively, without the attendant positive action, and you’re very largely wasting your time. But if you have an attitude of positivity it gets you in the mood to take positive action, and that’s what makes the difference.

Stop … and take stock

Stop … (and you might have to do this again and again, for quite a while, till it becomes habitual) … stop … and start to view your current state, and your actions, and you will see that you are just perpetuating your current situation … by continually thinking the same way, and doing the same things … these same things that have always brought you nothing that you really want.

So stop. Take a breather. Start to become aware of your overriding thoughts, those things that run through your mind all day long, and leave you feeling miserable, unfulfilled and depressed. Is it thoughts of being unworthy? Or maybe you’re thinking that you don’t deserve certain things? Maybe you figure that you’ll never make any real money, no matter what you do, no matter how many new ventures you try out. Or maybe, after years of continually telling yourself that you’ll never really be happy, you’ve given up on finding real happiness.

Why are you a victim of negativity?

Why are you thinking this way? Well, not through choice, that’s for sure! It doesn’t take a trained psychologist to work that out. Nobody wants to think sad, miserable, unproductive thoughts all day long. No-one chooses to do that. But (and it’s a BIG ‘but’) … we do continually think this way by not choosing to think a different way. You see, it’s all about choice in the end. And the choices you make, make all the difference.

But back to the question … why do we think this way? Probably because the world encourages us to think this way. We’ve heard negative ideas and negative ways of thinking since we were kids, we were surrounded by them from a very young age, and we’ve just absorbed them, like a sponge. Now, without thinking about it, we just adopt those negative thinking styles, and those depressing, negative attitudes, and we’re off and running. We’re just thinking negatively all day long, and we don’t even realise it!

So it’s time to take stock and decide what it is you’re thinking, and find out if it’s helping you move towards your goals … or drift away in the opposite direction.

Be specific about what you want

Decide what it is that you really want. Think carefully about it … take your time … and try to pin down exactly what it is you want. Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a trained professional to do this effectively. Just use your common sense. You’re not a qualified psychiatrist or psychologist? Good! Then you’ve got less baggage to drag along with you!

Now, if something that you’re thinking (like, for example, if you are continually reliving a sad experience in your mind), then ask yourself – is this helping me … or slowing me down in some way?

If it is not helping you, simply decide, there and then, that you will stop thinking this particular thing. It might not be easy, but it can be done. It takes awareness and control. Spend a few minutes a day just thinking about things. Decide on your next course of action (or course of thinking). If you have things that are going on in your life and they are dragging you down … then you know you must stop doing them, or thinking them. Simple! Not necessarily easy, but simple, yes.

Have a mental clearout

Do this regularly. Clear out the junk from your mind. Ditch all the emotional trash. Feel the relief as you ‘see’ it float gently away on a softly undulating sea of calm thoughts. Isn’t it lovely to be free of all that emotional garbage that was pulling you down and dragging you further and further away from what you really want?

As you become more free, and lighter, you will be able to put into operation all the things you want to do. You will find that you can do them much more easily and more productively now. It’s far easier to do the correct thing, the productive thing, when you’re not weighed down with bags of negativity. It’s like trying to swim with bags of sand attached to your belt. The moment you unhook them, you feel lighter! You can move easier! You can move more easily towards what you want. Your actions are more effective, because you’re no longer being dragged down by negativity, or in the wrong direction. You’re buoyed up by an attitude of positivity.

Making real progress

Then, and only then, will you see real progress. Progress in improving your memory, or making more money, or finding romance, or improving your relationships in general, or building a business. Whatever it is you really want, you have to first be clear on what it is … then you have to start to move towards it.

This can only be done effectively when you’ve ditched all the negativity that’s been holding you back all this time. And the way to do that is to recognise it for what it is … and then just let it go.

And as you relinquish the negativity, you more easily adopt an attitude of positivity, which helps you move in the right direction, and much more quickly.

And all this is free?

And your cost to achieve all this? A few minutes a day, and a little clear thinking! A little time spent considering the value of certain trains of thought. And the boldness to change tack, if necessary.

A little tip to help you get better results: don’t do this while you’re listening to your favourite music … or thinking about where you’re going to spend the evening … or focusing on anything else at all really. Just close your eyes and devote those few precious minutes each day to some clear thinking. Just a few minutes, that’s all. For such a tiny outlay of time, the rewards can be amazing!

Change the way you look ... have positivity

R.I.P. Dr. Wayne Dyer, a guiding light in a sometimes gloomy world.

If you’ve been spending time (and emotional energy) thinking miserable, unproductive and depressing thoughts, you can change things, and you can do it now.

You don’t need to be a psychologist, or to have a psychotherapist or a psychiatrist to guide you. You don’t need a life coach, or an expensive hour on a consulting room couch once a week for six months or more. You don’t even need a comforting shoulder to cry on, or a patient friend to listen to your troubles.

Generally speaking, you can sort your own problems out, all by yourself … and in just a few minutes a day. And the benefits of this self-therapy are wonderful, and many. You’ll feel more peaceful … you’ll find you’re thinking much clearer … you’ll be making better choices … your goals will become crystal clear … and you’ll be moving towards your goals steadily, and without effort. In fact, you’ll be closing in on your goals so fast it’ll make your head spin!

Go to it! Enjoy!


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