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Apr 17, 2015

Saved by losing money

My name is Richard J. Abraham, my father was Salim A. Abraham, and when I was a youngster he told me the story of the sinking of the Titanic. I am 73 …

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Feb 22, 2015

Memory Library

My memory is a mostly a library, as I have only just begun. It has four different levels reached by a hovering platform. The basement is where I keep basic …

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Feb 21, 2015

Hogwarts Memory Palace

I started with using the Memory Palace method to remember all kinds of facts from the names of stars and constellations to the various breeds of chicken.

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Dec 29, 2014

I admit I am a hoarder

I’ve always collected stuff. My mother had a lot of stuff. Every now and then things would get passed on to charity shops of someone who might find an …

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Dec 24, 2014

My mish-mash-Memory-Palace

I originally intended to make my childhood home my memory palace. But I realised that after not seeing the interior for 10 years I had forgotten the layout!

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Oct 07, 2014

My school has become my Memory Palace

My school is now my Memory Palace! Since I need it the most to remember my lessons, I can just walk into Math class for example, and I can picture my Math …

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Sep 18, 2014

My Memory Palace is just started

I’ve just started a mind palace. I was wondering what I could use. I saw someone said they were really into Harry Potter and used the castle for their …

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Aug 12, 2014

Three Interesting Things About Your Memory

Do you really have a poor memory, or is it merely untrained? In this article on memory improvement, Marc Green highlights some of the mistakes we make when we try to learn or remember something new. For example, not remembering might have more to do with survival than laziness.

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Apr 18, 2014

My mother is a hoarder and has passed me the hoarding gene!

I was brought up with four siblings a hardworking father and a homemaker mother who saved items, objects, and paperwork. When aunts/grandparents died their …

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Feb 05, 2014

My Memory Gallery

Hi 🙂 just finished Sherlock and have been researching mind palaces ever since! Mine started off with me, in a room I made up and I created it as an art …

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Jan 24, 2014

My Penthouse.

My memory place is a penthouse in the middle of New York. It’s not big, but not small either. There’s a little hallway, which broadens into the living …

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Jan 21, 2014

On a Quiet Shore

I step out of the now, out of the stuffy office desk and onto a quiet rocky shore. It’s my own little isle, an ancient castle stands a top a little mountain, …

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Nov 17, 2013

My Personal Memory Palace

Ive just started watching Sherlock, the new age Sherlock Holmes TV show from BBC. And I have become fond of Sherlock’s use of a Memory Palace. I have just …

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Oct 01, 2013

Information Overload

Information overload can become a problem if it interferes with the normal processes of the brain. We’re all used to the ubiquitous social media, in the form of Facebook, Twitter and all the rest, and they do serve a purpose. But it’s as well to be aware that it’s necessary to allow your brain some ‘quiet time’, so it can get on with its very important housekeeping duties.

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Sep 24, 2013


You really are limitless! You have amazing and largely untapped inner resources, and astonishing possibilities. Decide now, once and for all, to start living a limitless life. Have faith in yourself, and trust in the Universe. You have unlimited potential to be happy!

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